Artem Fedorov

Senior Full-Stack Developer


11+ years of professional software development, #2 ruby developer in oDesk Coding Challenge (funny story, read below).

Vast experience building Ruby on Rails web apps, API backends + JS frontends, integrations, performance optimizations, etc.


Have successfully led CMMI for Development implementation project for software vendor as a team lead and technology lead.

Employ Lean Development practices to eliminate waste and increase development effectiveness.


Have extensive startup experience, speak in terms of business model, MVP, assumption testing & validation.

I fully understand business matters with an MBA from Kingston University, London (though software development is more fun).

Professional Skills

Top Skills

Ruby On Rails

Expert, 6 years
Web Apps


Advanced, 6 years

Databases & SQL

Expert, 11 years
Relational DBs

Other Skills

Vue.js HTML5 / CSS3 Bootstrap UI / UX
Performance Optimization CDN AWS
Maintainable Code Patterns CMMI Lean Development

Work Experiences


New York, US
Senior Software Engineer
2015 - Present

Responsible for’s frontend (AngularJS) and backend (Ruby on Rails), like integrating Algolia search or building Wordpress to HTML renderer in Ruby and embeddable widgets for 3rd party websites in JS. Also:

  • Sped up page loading 2-3x times (reduced XHR network calls 5x times, real-time APIs via CDN, Google PageSpeed improvements)
  • Designed & developed product recommendation engine as a set of reusable components: product search engine, product calculators, quiz wrappers.
  • Designed & developed external product feeds integration.
  • Stepped up to implement pre-deploy CI mass route checks to verify there're no critical errors and implemented post-deploy CI smoke tests sourced from Uptime Robot checks to identify possible problems right after the deploy.

Colibro Publishing & Media

Philadelphia, US
Lead Software Engineer
2014 - 2017

Colibro produces read-aloud stories with line-by-line translation for language learning users on mobile and desktop. I was responsible for creating content production backend, content distribution backend (Ruby On Rails) and web clients (AngularJS). Here's the short summary of things I have built:

  • Production backend: stories management, translation, illustration management, audio processing, voice alignment, bundling for distribution.
  • Distribution backend: Distribution app with APIs for iOS app & web app. EdTech app with APIs for EdTech web app.
  • Mobile-first single-page web apps: Reader app, EdTech app for teachers.


Utrecht, NL
Lead Software Engineer
2014 - 2015

Worked on front and back end tasks. Embeddable JS widgets on Ember.js, cloud video rendering on AWS EC2, YouTube, Vimeo, Trello integration and automation:

  • Created video rendering service that brought video production time from 24 hours to less than 1 hour. The successful prototype secured the Vicancy's funding from the incubator.
  • Developed embeddable JS widget for partner’s client’s account pages.
  • Improved existing backend video processing service from 12 failures/month down to 0.3 failed videos/month.
  • Performed complex live data migration (mixed hierarchical objects in DB) smoothly with the data migration tests.


Moscow, RU
Deputy Head of Technology Department
2007 - 2013

Diasoft is one of the largest banking software vendors in the Eastern Europe & CIS. I worked as a software engineer, as an architect and ended up as a deputy head of technology department responsible for development, QA and project management technologies / practices / processes. Some highlights:

  • Led company-wide CMMI Implementation project, company successfully assessed at CMMI Level 3 by SEI.
  • Reduced the amount of errors per million lines of code by 50%, reduced errors reported by client by 33% by implementing CMMI practices.
  • Sped up by 4x the migration of the company’s main product (1.5x size of Linux Kernel) to the new SOA architecture by developing code analysis / migration aid tools.
  • Enabled migration project’s precise planning and monitoring by developing code analysis tools & reports to assess migration progress.
  • Brought KPIs maintenance efforts from 2d/week to 1h/week by automating KPI collection & reporting.

Awards & Recognition

Get in Touch

Available for remote work offers. I'm currently located in Orel, Russia.

I can help with the following:

  • Frontend development with AngularJS / other frameworks
  • Backend development with Ruby On Rails

Drop me a line at